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Gas blockchain-option 

Customer: PJSC "GAZPROM"

About the project

GasСompressorCoin - is the first in the world Gas blockchain-option, acquiring which you will not only get profit from the token price increase, but also will get opportunity to participate in the gas project for natural gas evacuation from the trunk gas pipelines of the leading Russian company with a global worldwide name GAZPROM.

By purchasing GasСompressorCoin tokens you'll get the opportunity to increase your funds from 497% to 600% per year, payback period of the whole project is 1,5 - 2 years! The first redemption of the token will be carried out in 9 months after the ICO.

The GasСompressorCoin project is the fast-growing blockchain-option of the effectual economy sector, which allows not only to make good money, but also to save our planet from constant air pollution!

GasСompressorCoin tokens are provided with current high-tech production and equipment for natural gas evacuation, with mobile compressor units, which are unique developments of our engineers and do not have any analogues in the world.

ICO Structure

Структура ICO
  • Tokens sold within the PRE-ICO and ICO
  • Company reserve
  • Rewards ( Bounty )
  1. 25,000,000 tokens in total will be emitted. As a result of the ICO, all unsold tokens will be deleted. Since the total volume of tokens sold is not fixed, we should be able to recall unrealized tokens.
  2. Sold tokens will be divided as follows:

    3% Tokens sold within PRE-ICO
    87% Tokens sold under the ICO
    8% Company reserve
    2% Rewards (Bounty)
  3. We are looking to involve up to $ 10 MLN Dollars while a public token-sale.
  4. The following crypto-currencies will be accepted in payment (Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash), as well as in Dollars and Euros.
  5. Citizens and tax residents of the United States can not participate in a public token-sale.

Frequently asked Questions

The sale of tokens begins on April 17, 2018 and will last 40 days.
You can buy tokens with a 30% discount at $ 0.7 (USD) for one GasСompressorCoin (GASC) within Pre-ICO period.
You can get one GasСompressorCoin (GASC) for $ 1 (USD) in ICO.
  1. Your Ethereum Wallet.
  2. You must comply with the Rules, Terms and Conditions of token sale
GasСompressorCoin produced 25,000,000 tokens in total, 20,000,000 of which are available for purchase, the remaining tokens are reserved for bonus sales, rewards program and company reserve. All unsold tokens will be eliminated.
The GasСompressorCoin project exploits the up-to-date equipment and technologies (described below), which significantly reduces the cost of natural gas evacuation from the trunk gas pipelines. Reliable and uninterrupted operation of the equipment were time-proved. GasСompressorCoin project is absolutely transparent and open. By investing in the GasСompressorCoin, you invest in real high-tech production and equipment, rather than in a deception. Our project cooperates with a big company GAZPROM, now we are negotiating about a long-term contract (for 25 years) of providing outsourcing services for natural gas evacuation from main gas pipeline.
Designed MCU has no competitors in Russia. And there is only one German company in the world that produces mobile compressor units. The capacity of those units is less in two times and the price is bigger in two and a half times than our MCU. This project has a high level of profitability.
  1. You may sell tokens on stock exchange.
  2. You can receive a 50% reward of the company's net profit in proportion to the number of tokens in your wallet before the company reaches its design capacity.
  3. After the company reaches its design capacity, you can use the GasСompressorCoin token to purchase MCU equipment and gas evacuation services at 30% discount. It allows you to make a profit up to 600% per year.
That is a part of the net profit, which we will constantly reinvest In increasing production capacity. We use up-to-date equipment and technology, carefully controlled by all business processes and project economics. Against to similar projects, we provide our investors with one of the largest percentage of profit. Due to all these factors, you can to count on the highest income.
GasСompressorCoin will appear on major exchanges shortly after the end of the sale of the tokens. Although we can not guarantee a significant level of liquidity until the project is fully deployed, we will do our best to ensure the growth of the liquidity market from the very beginning.
GasСompressorCoin tokens will be transferred to Ethereum wallets within one week AFTER the end of token sale.

Our team

Soskov Sergey Nikolaevich


Sergey Nikolaevich

CEO, co-owner of the company

Еранов Андрей Павлович


Andrey Pavlovich

Deputy Director of Development, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Мухаметшин Руслан Фирудинович


Ruslan Firudinovich

Deputy Director for Production

Смагин Владимир Михайлович


Vladimir Mihailovich

Chief constructor

Баландин Борис Михайлович


Boris Mihailovich

Chief engineer of centrifugal compressor units

Якупов Руслан Равилевич


Ruslan Ravilevich

Chief engineer of screw compressors and refrigeration systems, candidate of candidate's degree, technical Sciences

Хамидуллин Ильдар Вагизович


Ildar Vagizovich

Chief engineer of pneumatic-hydraulic systems. Candidate of technical Sciences

Зимняков Андрей Семенович


Andrey Semenovich

Chief engineer of the MCU project

Соломин Илья Николаевич


Ilya Nikolaevich

Chief Project Engineer is a candidate for the degree of candidate, technical sciences

Кирюхин Андрей Анатольевич


Andrey Anatolievich

Lead design engineer

Гайнуллин Алмаз Гумарович


Almaz Gumarovich

Production manager

Гордеев Сергей Александрович


Sergey Aleksandrovich

Deputy head of production

Road map time line

Entire time line from the end of fundraising to the repurchase beginning

January 2014
MCU prototype tests
January 2015 – December 2015
Approval of the outsourcing agreement terms and conditions by PJSC Gazprom
March 2018
Investment program
February 2018 – April 2018
Tokens purchase at investors
January 2019
Research work
March 2014 – December 2014
Over 3.000.000$ are invested in research works and production of MCU
Tests were carried out on the test area of PJSC Gazprom Transgaz Kazan
January 2016 – August 2017
Website start-up
March 2018
The conveyor line modernization and increase in production capacity
June 2018 - December 2018

Our works

GBK-15/3-11 YHL4

Main and associated petroleum gas mixture compressor unit where gas is used as fuel for gas turbine-powered plant

BKS.8-1.EDL HL 1

Block compressor plant with separate oil supply

BKS.8-3.ED HL1

Associated petroleum gas compressor

BKS.30-1.ED UHL4

Compressor unit of associated gas utilization


Flaring gas utilization compressor unit for flare gas shrinkage

GZHKU 300/5 U2

Vent gas compressor unit

Before shipment to a Customer each compressor unit passes acceptance tests on a testing bench, operation checks of all systems, components, assemblies and also each unit should comply with required technical specifications.

History of our company

GC Coin

JSC "NPP" Compressor"was established in 2000. Within these 18 years the range of our company services was considerably extended, as followings:

  1. Project development, production and supply of centrifugal/ screw/ rotary/ liquid-ring compressors according to Customer's technical requirements
  2. Manufacture and supply of compressor equipment
  3. Supervision of installation and commissioning of supplied equipment on sites
  4. Customer's personnel trainings
  5. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance service
  6. Repair of compressor equipment
  7. Development, manufacture and supply of spare parts for compressor equipment

Photos from our production

Mobile compressor unit

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